What is IPv6 Address?

Internet Protocol Version 6 is the latest network layer protocol. Which is a system that allows communication across the network And even though the concept has been in place since 2008, But it only started to replace IPv4 in 2017.

IPv4 is a 32-bit number with four numbers, each with two or three digits that will identify your device and location.A typical IPv4 address looks like this:

If you want to find out your IPv4 address you can find it here.

It is expected that by the year 2010 All IPv4 addresses will be used.
And to solve that problem, a network layer protocol was created to increase the number of unique addresses. And this is where IPv6 starts.
IPv6 is a 128-bit address with eight numbers, and each string has four digits. And separated by colons (:). A typical address looks like this: 2018: 0ab6: 84a2: 0000: 0000: 7a2b: 0271: 7435.

Type of IPv6 Address
IPv6 addresses are divided into three types.

Unicast – It is one to one communication. It is a transmission of information from a single source to a single destination.
Multicast – It is a communication from one to many destinations. Which is forwarding the information to a destination consisting of multiple devices
Anycast – Same as multicast, but the source selects the closest destination to send the data.

IPv6 Benefits

More addresses
Increase the efficiency of connecting in p2p network.
Higher speed
With automatic configuration
Efficient in routing
It has strong security.
Has a higher conversion rate


IPv4 is also more popular.
IPv6 and IPv4 cannot communicate directly and must have a server.
VPN providers rarely upgrade their servers to support IPv6.
Because IPv6 has many benefits Network engineer, data center, technology company And many mobile network operators take advantage of IPv6. IPv6 is the choice that experts choose and should be the consumer’s choice as well.

Will IPv6 leak your information?
When you use a VPN service, you will be provided with an IPv4 address, which will protect your privacy and keep you anonymous online. If you try to communicate with an IPv6 server, it is likely that your true IP address will be exposed. Make your personal information disclosed as well.

Using the best VPN service to prevent iPv6 leaks will help you stay safe online. Here are three of the best service options.