Project Description

6INIT is a co-ordinated initiative of the major European telecommunications companies, equipment manufacturers, solutions / software providers and research labs. The project will lead to and provide a production IPv6 transit service to facilitate high quality, high performance, operationally robust and secure IPv6 networks with a view to both wider deployment of European E-commerce and the convergence of IP-based services.

The primary services addressed within the project will be:

  • interconnection of IPv6 native applications,
  • interconnection of IPv6 native networks,
  • setting up of telephony and multimedia services,
  • building IPv6 applications ( Stock Exchange, Remote Newspaper printing ),
  • interconnection of IPv6/IPv4 networks.

Concepts for the commercial deployment of still experimental IPv6 and IPv4 differentiated and secured services will be investigated and their capacities to make usage of Internet and Intranet technologies more reliable for business customer s will be analysed. The vision of a commercially viable solution offering secure and differentiated services over the future Internet is one which helps formulate the goals to be achieved by this project.

The primary works of the 6INIT project will be to:

  • define operational procedures for IPv6 networks and for IPv4 to IPv6 network and application migration
  • investigate and initiate a trans-European operational IPv6 packet delivery service
  • provide a set of multimedia services including: IP telephony and multimedia services
  • promote early IPv6-ready application testing and deployment
  • implement Access Devices which allow seamless IPv4-V6 transition.