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General documents

Latif Ladid’s 6INIT Vision (Ericsson Telebit, 4MB)

Deliverable 1.2 – Dissemination plans

Deliverable 5.1 – Detailed plans of concertation, dissemination and external liason

US IPv6 Forum Summit, Telluride, March 2000

Latif Ladid’s Welcome (Ericsson Telebit, 4.7MB)

Wiring the Cities (Lasse Lindblad, Telia, 2.6MB)

European IPv6 Trial Networks (Patrick Cocquet, Thomson-CSF Detexis, 1.7MB)

New Wave ISP (Steve Sim, BT)

Next Generation Networks Workshop, Rennes, March 2000

6INIT Overview (Sathya Rao, Telscom)

IPv6 Overview (Sathya Rao, Telscom)

IPv6 Forum (Latif Ladid, Ericsson Telebit, 2.8MB)

IPv6 on Everything (Latif Ladid, Ericsson Telebit)

Networkshop 2000, Edinburgh, March 2000

IPv6 in UK Academia (Tim Chown, University of Southampton)

Thomson/Syseca/CGI Seminar, Paris, April 2000 (in French)

First presentation (Patrick Cocquet, Thomson-CSF Detexis)

Second presentation (Patrick Cocquet, Thomson-CSF Detexis)

LaRecherche article (Patrick Cocquet, Thomson-CSF Detexis)

UK IPv6 Forum Summit, Birmingham, May 2000

Welcome address (Latif Ladid, Ericsson Telebit, 6MB)

Wiring the Cities (Lasse Lindblad, Telia, 3.1MB)

6INIT: The European IPv6 Trial (Peter Hovell, BT)

Networking 2000, Paris, May 2000

IPv6 Presentation (Sathya Rao, Telscom, 1.1MB)

IPv6 Document (Sathya Rao, Telscom)