IPv6 Initiative

The objective of the 6INIT project is to promote the introduction of IPv6 multimedia and security services in Europe. The 6INIT project will provide guidelines on how to set up an operational platform providing end-users with native IPv6 access points and native IPv6 services. This European platform will be composed of IPv6/IPv4 national clouds distributed in four different European countries.

The IPv6 INternet IniTiative (6INIT) project is an EU Fifth Framework funded project under the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. It began on January 1st 2000 and runs for 16 months.

You are using IPv4 – visit the BT Ultima site to find out how to access IPv6 web sites. Connect via IPv6 and you’ll see the flags flutter.

6INIT Project Information
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6INIT will utilise the new IPv6 Forum for project dissemination.